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A Collective Golden Rule

The Golden Rule — Love your neighbor as you love yourself — has popped up in different ways the last month. I can see the beauty in it, but what I also see is a very individualistic and anthropocentric rule. It’s one persons relation to other persons.

Yesterday I started to think about how The Golden Rule would look like in the context of Big Heart of Humanity. How to formulate a collective Golden Role? A Golden Rule about the relation between all of Humanity and Everything else?

Love Everything as you love Humanity?

Looks nice … but when I start to think about it … how many humans loves Humanity? We love parts of humanity; our friends, people doing good things, poor people in foreign countries … How does your list looks like? And who is on your list of “non neighbors”? Can we become One Humanity as long as we have those two lists? Or is it enough if the first one is a bit longer than the second one? When does Big Heart of Humanity comes alive?

So I guess it would be a good idea to include the personal Golden Rule into the collective one. A Humanity at war with it self will always be at war with Everything around it. Just as a single human at war with her self can’t love others, as the Golden Rule points out — Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

If we’re not at peace with each other as Humanity, loving nature only becomes a personal escapism. I know, I’ve been there.

If the relation between Humanity and Everything is not based on love it won’t be sustainable.

Love your self, so You can love Everyone, so We can love Everything


PS I know there are many ways to formulate The Golden Rule. I’ve chosen the one that makes most sense to me. 

At Home

Seven months on the road.
No endpoint, no home to get back to.

Start to sense into living on Planet Earth.
Not my place, my village, my country, my continent …
… only Our Planet.

Start to sense into living as a part of Humanity.
Not my family, my group, my tribe, my culture …
…  only One Humanity.

Loving and embracing Everyone
So we can love and embrace Everything

A wonderful thing to spend 2012 doing!

I took the photos in July in the glacier cave in Rosenlaui, Berner Oberland, Switzerland. No flash light, only sun light coming in from above.

I Killed a Little Plant Today

I killed a little plant today
Did it suffer?
I don’t know

But I suffer
from knowing that I took a life

Struggling with the question of pain and suffering in Nature. Does Nature suffer? What are my projections?  So many layers – physical, emotional, subtile, causal. Born and unborn. Single entities and collective fields. Conscious and unconscious.

What is Big Heart of Humanity?

Extra score for constant variation

Woke up this morning and saw this!
So I give Nature an extra visual score for its constant change;
— weather, day and night, seasons, growing plants and long term geological changes …

And all those shifts are beautiful and takes place on stage.
No rehearsal or signs with “Closed for reconstruction ” …

Concert and Mountains

This afternoon we went to a chamber orchestra concert in the church at the monastery here in Vico. Some of the best musicians in Corsica where playing well known pieces from Mozart, Händel, Beethoven and others. It was just breathtaking and I was swept away into an acoustic heaven.

After the concert we drove to the next village and it started to hail and the sky was shifting. The landscape is so wild, beautiful and impressive. It’s impossible to catch more than a small taste of it with the camera.

Back in the house with a cup of tea and a chocolate cake in front of the fireplace — thinking about Nature and Humanity.

Music is really something special that we have invented. Birds can sing, but they can’t give a concert like that, and they can’t play together and express beauty in that way. On the other hand, nothing we can paint or sculpture can in any way compete with nature in visual impact and beauty. So the score is one-one :-)

Power from the Cambrian Age

When I took the boat from Marseille to Corsica, I went out on deck when we left the harbor. I looked up the huge chimney of the ferry and I had two very different thoughts …

— What a lot of pollution! I should have gone by sailing boat instead.
— What a great power! Thank you all wonderful plants from the Cambrian era.

Without the oil, the technology and all these things modernity brought us — I wouldn’t have been on this journey. I would have had nine kids, doing hard body work, no computer and a narrow worldview.

These plants, who grew millions of years ago, and whose ashes now are coming out the chimney  — I just love them and feel so much gratitude.

And yes, we need a new technology …

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